The Gujarat University has given support tothe NSS and encourages all youth to join theprogramme. The vision of the scheme is “toinculcate values of compassion and humanityand a feeling for the fellow person.”The combined participation in communityservice leads to a sense of involvement in thetask of nation building. The motto ‘NOT ME,BUT YOU’ underlines that the welfare of anindividual is ultimately dependent on thewelfare of the society as a whole.The NSS attempts to develop in the youngstudents a sense of social and civicresponsibility and trains them to utilize theirknowledge in finding practical solution toindividual and community problems.The NSS unit has been trying through itsvarious activities to do community service andmake a change in the society and also help the volunteers build up. The N.S.S. unit of the college undertakes projects like blood donation, AIDS awareness drives, Campus Cleaning campaign etc. Students enrolled in N.S.S. Learn Discipline, Dignity of Labour, Teamwork and Co-Operation. The N.S.S. helps the volunteers to develop their personality through community service.