Semester - ISemester - II
CoreFundamentals of Business Economics-I
Human Resource Management
Communication in Business
General English: Text and Composition
Fundamentals of Business Economics-II
Fundamentals of Marketing Management
Business Correspondence
General English: Grammar and Composition
Core ElectivesFinancial Accounting - I
Basic Statistics - I
Sales Management
Internet and Web Page Development Using HTML
Fundamentals of Banking-I
Fundamentals of Banking-I (Banking & Insurance)
Fundamentals of International Business
Principals of Marketing
Financial Accounting - II
Operations Research
Distribution Management
Web page Designing using Flash & Dream Weaver
Fundamentals of Banking-II
Fundamentals of Insurance
Foreign Exchange and Balance of Payments
Personal Selling
Subject ElectivesFinancial Accounting - I
Basic Statistics - I
Internet and Web Page Development Using HTML
Secretarial Practice - I
Sales Management
Financial Accounting - II
Operations Research
Web page Designing using Flash & Dream Weaver
Secretarial Practice - II
Distribution Management
 Semester - IIISemester - IV
CoreEconomics of Government Finances
Indian Financial System
Taxation - I
Commercial Communication
Fundamentals of Statistics - I
Economics of Government Finances
Production Management
Taxation - II
Organizational Communication
Fundamentals of Statistics - II
Core Electives -ICost Accounting - I
Statistics- III
Advanced Human Resource Management
Financial analysis using spreadsheet
Central Banking
Central Banking and Banking Regulations
International Financial Markets
Advertising and Sales Promotion
Cost Accounting - I
Statistics- V
Organizational Behaviour
E Commerce II
Banking Regulations
Insurance Regulations
Export Import Procedures
Distribution and Retailing
Core Electives -IICorporate Accounting
Statistics - IV
Advanced Marketing Management
E Commerce - I
Indian Banking System
Indian Banking System
International Financial Institutions
Agricultural Marketing
Auditing - I
Statistics - VI
Advanced Financial Management
Database Management Systems Using SQL
Legal Aspects of Banking
Life and Non Life Insurance
International Accounting
Industrial Marketing
 Semester - VSemester - VI
CoreEconomics of Industrial Trade
Marketing Management in Practice
Business Law - I
Corporate Communication
Fundamental Statistics - III
Indian Business and Economic Environment
Fundamentals of Financial Management
Business Law - II
Media and Public Relation Communication
Fundamental Statistics - IV
Core Electives -ICost & Financial Accounting
Statistics - VII
Strategic Management
Fundamentals of Networking
Bank Customer Relationship
Legal Aspects of Insurance
Basics of Logistics Management
Marketing Research
Management Accounting - II
Statistics - IX
Management Information System
Information Security
International Baking
Marketing of Banking and Insurance Services
International Marketing
International Marketing
Core Electives -IIManagement Accounting - I
Statistics - VIII
Market Research
Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Marketing of Banking Services
Indian Insurance System
International Business Environmental
Service Marketing
Auditing - II
Statistics - X
Project Work and Viva Voce
MS Project
Project/ Technology in Banking
Emerging Issues in Banking and Insurance in India
International Accounting
Industrial Marketing