B. Com (Statistics)

B. Com (Hons.) Statistics is a four-year undergraduate program with specialization in statistics. The programme focuses on understanding of statistics and probability so that students can study and solve the problems of commercial, social, economic, bio- sciences, medical, engineering etc. Outgoing students are expected to be placed in all the sectors like central and state government, health, banking, finance/ marketing, actuarial science, education, sports and environment etc. They will be also able to pursue higher studies.

Faculty Members

Prof. (Dr.) J. J. Gondaliya

Assistant professor (GES Class II) & Head of the Department

Education Qualification: M.Sc. (Statistics, Gold Medalist), Ph.D. (Statistics)

Experience : 15 Years

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Prof. (Dr.) Rina Shah

Assistant Professor (GES Class-II)

Education Qualification: M.Sc. (Statistics), Ph.D (Statistics)

Experience : 15 Years

Prof. (Dr.) Mamta A. Patel

Assistant Professor (GES Class II)

Education Qualification: M.Sc. (Statistics), M.Phil. (Statistics), Ph.D. (Statistics), MBA (O.M.)

Experience : 20 Years

Prof. (Dr.) Bhavika L. Patel

Assistant Professor (GES Class II)

Education Qualification: M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Statistics)

Experience : 1/2 Years